lacking any obvious principle of organization.

Maria Emilia | 1998 | Mexico. All I want in life is good music and the world.



I have been to the hospital several times in the past few months related to depression, and paying my parents back for those hospitalizations, as well as helping pay for my own college tuition, has been difficult.

In my Society6 art shop, I sell my own mixed-media collage self-portrait photographs as art prints, framed art prints, tote bags, phone cases/skins, pillows, mugs, wall clocks, stretched canvases, and laptop skins.

Purchases of any of my products would greatly help me with the hospital and tuition bills.

And today only there is free shipping in my shop.

Otherwise taking a look at either the print copy or digital copy of my second book would help as well.

Thank you all so much. I appreciate it immensely.